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Has your grout lost its appeal? Are more areas dirty or run-down than are clean and nice looking? To keep up the look of your tile and grout it’s recommended to do a grout cleaning at least once every other year. The best way is to hire a grout cleaning company because they use commercial grade cleaning agents and machines. Typically homeowners will clean floor tile grout using products that don’t effectively remove the stains and grease.  If this goes on too long they’re left with two options: Tile Regrouting or Grout Coloring . To avoid this as a last resort it’s best to maintain the grout by regularly hiring a grout cleaning service company so the job gets done right the first time around!

Cleaning Floor Grout

If you’re handy and able to work on your knees for long periods of time this article will describe the steps you should take. First you should start with a standard sweep or vacuum to make sure you are not brushing and cleaning with dirt all over.

Grout Cleaning and Sealing
Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Second, apply soap for grout and tile that won’t stain or damage the grout. Don’t forget that grout is porous and can be stained easily. Third is the hard work! Use a narrow brush and start scrubbing the grout seams until the stains are removed. If you are cleaning grout which is near sensitive stone make sure your scrubbing does not affect the edges of that stone.  Finally, once the entire grout lines are scrubbed clean use a water vacuum to clean the floors and give it a nice final touch with a clean swab or mop.

Grout cleaning professionals use a commercial steam machine. After determining the type of tile and grout we use specifically designed chemicals for that type of tile and grout. After scrubbing the area with a cleaning brush to ensure the chemicals are spread over every grout joint we bring in the heavy guns! Our technicians use a steam machine that not only rinses the area, but it vacuums the debris and completely disinfects the area.

Cleaning and Sealing Grout

Grout sealing is recommended to protect the grout against future stains or mildew. As mentioned above, grout is porous and because it’s lower than the tile surface, it will invite liquids and debris to sit and stain. You may clean your grout every year but without proper sealing you will be working too hard.  Typically most companies will offer cleaning and sealing grout as a package deal although some other companies will separate the services. Usually when you hire a grout cleaning company, part of the tile will automatically be cleaned as a residual effect, but we recommend to clean the tile and grout together as a complete job. Since the trip charge is already paid and the machinery used for both projects are similar you might as well ask for a discounted package deal and have your entire bathroom - grout and tile clean and sealed at once.

Cleaning and sealing grout is a time consuming task and definitely not a one-time thing.  In order to preserve the beauty of your home and keep a healthy environment you must repeat this process at least every other year.

We have been cleaning and sealing grout throughout the greater Los Angeles area since 1998.  With the right tools and excellent prices let us carry the burden of these tasks.  For service and more information please contact us at: 800.742.3585.